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The contracts have been signed and ground has broken for the 3rd Z5 Sports Complex to be located in the French town of Istres. Presumably because Zizou is busy with his coaching duties at Real Madrid and since it is a family business it falls on sister Lila to take on the role of businesswoman and spokesperson for Z5. It was she who appeared alongside the Mayor of Istres, Francois Bernardini and promoter/associate Robert Sichi to make the announcement. Here is an article I found that features video of Lila speaking - sorry but i am unable to embed it here so you will have to click on the link to see it:



A Sports Arbitration Court in Spain has issued an injunction allowing the Real Madrid youngsters that were banned from playing as a result of the punishment doled out to Real Madrid and Atletico over the violation of transfers of minor players from foreign countries. In a nutshell, Theo and Elyaz (along with the other boys affected by this ban) can rejoin their teams and continue to play. Zizou was furious of course and spoke out about it. It's a super complicated and serious issue. My problem with the ban is that it hurts children that did nothing wrong. Essentially FIFA wants to crack down on what amounts to (in their eyes) as child trafficking. Fair enough but a sports journalist i spoke to said the real culprits are in Italy and France. He said there are unscrupulous recruiters that have poached promising young kids from Africa and Latin America (many of them from impoverished families) and brought them to Europe for trials with big teams. Do all the boys make it ? of course not and these recruiters have on many occasions simply abandoned the kids that didn't pass their trials on the streets with no way to get home. I get that FIFA wants to look out for the welfare of exploited children but how in god's name are Theo and Elyaz being exploited ? They may not have been born in Spain but we know they have lived there all of their lives and their father has been employed by the team either as a player or coach or assistant when they joined. The cases of some of the other boys also made no sense - one of the kids, Benjamin Garay, is the younger brother of former Real player Ezequiel Garay and already living in Spain when he joined. Achraf Hakimi who plays in the Castilla and already played some minutes with the first team during the pre-season was born in Spain even though he was identified as being from Morocco. His father said he immigrated to Spain in the 80's and his son was born there. Anyway, the injunction came 6 days after the ban so the boys are able to play.

Gracias al TAS estos seis menores podrán volver a jugar al fútbol

El TAS concede al Real Madrid la cautelar por la sanción de la FIFA
Tras la cuatelar otorgada por el TAS al Real Madrid por la disparatada sanción de la FIFA, La Fábrica volverá a trabajar con normalidad y los menores que vieron su crecimiento futbolístico frenado por el disparate del máximo organismo del fútbol mundial podrán seguir jugando en las categorías inferiores de la cada blanca.
Achraf Hamiki, Paolo Medina, Benjamín Garay, Mircea Alexandru Tirela, Theo Zidane y Elyaz Zidane recuperarán su vida normal y harán lo que más le gusta con total libertad. Achraf, jugador español nacido en Madrid e internacional absoluto por Marruecos, podrá entrar en la convocatoria del Castilla de Solari para enfrentarse al Leioa. El lateral no pudo viajar con el primer filial a Gernika y también se tuvo que quedar fuera del partido perteneciente a la UEFA Youth league que enfrentó al Juvenil A ante el Sporting de Lisboa.
Por otro lado, el mexicano Paolo y Benja, hermano del ex jugador del Real Madrid Ezquiel Garay, también podrán seguir la pretemporada con el Juvenil B y el próximo 24 de septiembre no tendrán impedimento para debutar en Liga. Lo mismo le ocurre a Alex, futbolista del Juvenil C entrenado por Álvaro Benito.

Por último, la familia Zidane también está de enhorabuena. Theo y Elyaz volverán a jugar con sus compañeros. Zizou ha manifestado durante estas semanas su malestar por la sanción de la FIFA y ha afrontando uno de sus momentos más difíciles al tener que hablar con sus dos hijos pequeños y tenerles que decir que no iban a poder seguir jugando al fútbol. Ahora, tendrá que volver a hablar con ellos, pero esta vez para darles la buenas noticias.
Enzo, Luca y Craninx, libres al tener 18 años

Los tres jugadores del Castilla también han están entre los ocho jugadores sancionados por la FIFA, pero no han tenido que dejar de jugar al fútbol al ser mayores de edad. No obstante, aunque no se han visto afectados, la cautelar otorgada por el TAS al Real Madrid también les dejan libre de sanción.

Madrid (AFP) – Coach Zinedine Zidane has slammed as “absurd” a one-year transfer ban imposed on Real Madrid by FIFA for irregularities in the signing of foreign players under 18.

The Frenchman’s own children are among those part of the case against the European champions.

FIFA dismissed Real and local rivals Atletico Madrid’s appeals against a two-transfer-window ban on Thursday, meaning they will not be able to register any new players until January 2018 unless further appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport are successful.

Two of Zidane’s four sons who play in the Madrid academy were among 39 players investigated by FIFA, with the club eventually sanctioned for breaking the rules regarding the signing of foreign nationals under 18 in eight cases.

“I don’t understand it at all and it bothers me,” Zidane said on Friday ahead of Madrid’s clash with Osasuna.

“I can talk about my (sons) that have been born and lived their whole lives here. It is absurd that they can’t play football.

“What we are going to do now is wait and hope that this subject is fixed as quickly as possible.”

Under international football rules, players under 18 cannot be transferred to another country, except in limited circumstances, and all transfers need the approval of a special FIFA committee.

However, Zidane’s sons appear to meet those criteria as the former World Player of the Year’s family has largely been based in the Spanish capital since he signed for Real as a player in 2001.
Ah. Reality programs. They, like rats and cockroaches are here to stay and they have long ago gone global. Nowadays everybody wants to be a reality "star". I avoid them like the plague here in the US so I am even less likely to keep up on reality shows from other countries. Therefore it's no surprise that a program called "Secret Story" is now in its 10th season in France and I've never heard of it. The premise sounds like a Big Brother type setting where various personalities of dubious fame are thrown together in a house and they are in competition with each other. The protagonists of Secret Story are each harboring a secret therefore the house is called la Maison des Secrets. Apparently, the runner up to last season's edition was a young fellow from Marseille called Jonathan. And what was Jonathan's secret? That he is apparently Zizou's cousin ! He says Zizou gave his blessings and wished him luck and that he would not have done the show if Zizou had been against it. He is 26 so it's not likely he grew up with Zizou and none of the articles I've found explain how he is related to our man. In the year since his brush with fame he has not really cashed in - he went back to his normal life and his family and his hometown where he works as a supervisor at Marignane airport and he is the father of a little girl. However his dream is to star in in his own reality program eventually - of course.

I searched and searched but could find no pix of Jonathan with Zizou or even with Zizou's boys (and they are no strangers to posting their business all over social media). I did find this picture of him with Ines Zidane (Djamel's daughter) and Lohenna Pellet (Lila's daughter).



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He hypnotizes the press - the Zidane Effect - and every time they ask a negative question he turns it around with his magic.